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We are all Living Amidst an Abundance of Options

In today’s context, negotiations can happen endlessly due to enormous information available digitally and also due to volatility of businesses. Nature of buying and selling has substantially changed. Getting valuable deals, partners, vendors and associates for a business is still not easy. Negotiation is increasingly becoming science and art of getting viable partners and customers for our business.

For a Sales professional, it is important to recognise that negotiation happens perpetually at every stage of the sales cycles. People are constantly weighing options, both visibly and invisibly. Negotiation is a method by which people can settle differences and manage expectations. The principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and maintaining a relationship are the keys to a successful outcome.

Are we truly customer centric? Well, that gets answered in the way we negotiate and build relationships. One of the main objectives of building negotiation skills could be ensuring graceful outcomes.

Negotiation skills can be of great benefit in resolving any differences that arise between you and others.

Honing Capabilities – Stages of Negotiation

Structured approach to negotiation. Mastering the process of negotiation across various stages –

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    Clarification of goals

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    Negotiate towards a Win-Win outcome

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    Implementation of a course of action

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    Sustaining Relationships

What are the five behavorial aspects that enable successful negotiations?

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    Ability to build mutual trust (Both parties in a negotiation demonstrate trustworthiness)

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    Being a genuine parter to build value for the buyer

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    Being aware of the situations

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    Being agile to be flexible

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    Being open to possibilities

One can’t fake Customer centricity during negotiations; This is true as you are pushed to your limits to demonstrate your awareness and genuineness.

Engagement Takeaways

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    Tools and approaches to win deals with better margins

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    Building behaviours to sell the Value of our products and Services

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    Getting the premium for the quality offered – Strategy, Tactics and Counter Tactics

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    Structured approach to build win-win negotiation culture

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    Aligning the entire sales team to build discipline in negotiations

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    Building bridges gracefully

Manage Outcomes Gracefully

Short Term vs Long Term Sales Training Program

Building Negotiation Capabilities – A Customer Centric Approach

Building win-win outcomes is crucial to be able to build credible relationships.Honing our abilities to build graceful outcomes is crucial in a business relationship. There is an elegant way to say “No” and turn it around to ” Yes” by a customer centric approach. Are we truly customer centric is the biggest question for any growth oriented organisation.

Past Projects – Enabling Sales and Leadership Capability with Business Growth – Experience snapshot


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About the Facilitator

Dinkar Rao

Dinkar Rao has supported the goals of more than 14000+ professionals from Foreign MNCs, Indian MNCs and local SMEs. He has done senior management assessments and selections for top-notch organisations. He has been involved in many international and domestic people enablement initiatives. Dinkar Rao has been involved in various strategic initiatives for long-term Sales Organisation development.

Dinkar Rao has coached more than 300 companies. Dinkar has personally handled many critical assessment centres for different layers of management from large and small businesses.

Dinkar Rao’s Background

More than Twenty-five (25) years of exposure in Sales Management and 15 plus years in Sales performance Consulting. Dinkar Rao has hands-on experience in sales because of his deep interest in the sales career.

Dinkar Rao was part of Mercuri International (Sweden Based MNC as a Senior Consultant), Mercuri Urval (Denmark Based MNC as a Senior Consultant) and Better Future (Nederlands-based MNC as their Managing Director for Asia)

M.Tech (Mineral Engineering, Indian School of Mines- IIT Dhanbad), PGDBM, Leadership Capability Assessor, LIFO Coach, Belbin Coach, Celemi (Business Simulation) Certified Coach, ICF Certified Life Coach, Doctorate in Management studies.

Dinkar is a Member of the Mindfulness Association (UK)

Dinkar Rao is the founder of Groval Euler’s, Kabir Learning Foundation and Groval Selectia

Certified Coach (SUCCESS CONVERSION COACHING™) – Accredited by CCA and ICF

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