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Dedicated towards Building Success and Growth Opportunities for Passionate Sales Professionals

The purpose of Groval Euler’s Sales University is to enable the capabilities of sincere sales professionals in a competitive and constantly evolving world. The future readiness of people will be crucial for all organisations. Alignment to local and global opportunities is crucial in a highly interconnected world.

The core objective of Groval Sales University is to upskill passionate Sales People to build better levels of success; This would help the sales folks influence business and build growth in their careers.

Groval Euler’s Sales University focuses on building revenue generation capabilities of organisations and Individuals through better sales approaches, people management, leadership enablement, cross-functional synergy, customer acquisition and account management.

Growth Stages of companies engaged with Groval Sales University

Groval Euler's Sales university
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    Career Growth Opportunities for Sales Professionals

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    Building a base of employable sales talent for businesses investing in India

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    Building Value for the Employers of Salespeople

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    Contribution to the national and global ecosystems

Our Coaching topics modules for Sales Professionals

Impactful Prospect Management

Taking the customer base to higher levels.

Pipeline Management

Improving the business’s strength, probabilities and value.

Managing strategic and critical accounts

Strategic sales approach for managing accounts

Handling internal and external challenges

Managing resistance and building abilities to navigate

Field Sales Management

Building connections with stakeholders of the business

Consultative Selling

Making more profound connections with the customers’ situations.

Impactful ways to build proposals and business presentations

Powerful ways to design and present Value propositions

Channel Sales Management

Building partners in the marketplace to grow business and footprint

Negotiation Skills

Building Graceful Outcomes to enable win-win relationships

Motivating the sales team

Different strokes for different people to build cohesive teams

Using MIS to make Sales

Creating quality information to take business decisions

Robust Reviewing

Consistency and building the future through the rigorous review process

Wellness for the Salespeople

Health, wealth and happiness are three timeless tenets for consistent progress

Time Management

Investing attention in task Management and building a laser-sharp focus on deliverables

Inside Sales

Getting appointments, meetings and business conversions to create a healthy sales pipeline

Art of preparation

Power of using checklists and reflective tools to build a high impact in business

Conversational Skills

Building higher levels of rapport and relationships through deeper conversations

Building Gravitas

Executive presence to create influence, impact, and effectiveness

Complaint and Objection Handling

Powerful methods to build agreements and navigate through differences

Artistic perspectives about leadership

Understanding the power of empathy and firmness in people management

Building entrepreneurship skills

Understanding and executing timeless fundamentals for successful entrepreneurship

Sales storytelling

Creating outstanding Case studies to motivate and inspire the audience

Selling Services, spares and AMCs

Discover powerful approaches to grow your service business

Coaching for MDs and Founders

Setting the tone at the top to build high-performance organisations

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Short Term vs Long Term Sales Training Program

Groval Euler’s Sales University: Empowering Sales Professionals

Welcome to Groval Euler’s Sales University. Dedicated to the career development of passionate Sales Professionals. Watch the video to discover the ways through which we can empower your sales journey.

Sales University Video

Past Projects – Enabling Sales and Leadership Capability with Business Growth – Experience snapshot


Personal Consulting Experiences of the Founder (Dinkar Rao) – Some Projects

3i infotech
Barry Callebaut
Indian Oil
move in sync
Konica Minolta
Business Coaching Engagements (Some Examples)

About the Facilitator

Dinkar Rao

Every big corporation was a MSME at some Stage. Build your Future with vision, Intentions and actions.

Dinkar Rao has supported the goals of more than 14000+ professionals from Foreign MNCs, Indian MNCs and local SMEs. He has done senior management assessments and selections for top-notch organisations. He has been involved in many international and domestic people enablement initiatives. Dinkar Rao has been involved in various strategic initiatives for long-term Sales Organisation development.

Dinkar Rao has coached more than 300 companies. Dinkar has personally handled many critical assessment centres for different layers of management from large and small businesses.

Dinkar Rao’s Background

More than Twenty-five (25) years of exposure in Sales Management and 15 plus years in Sales performance Consulting. Dinkar Rao has hands-on experience in sales because of his deep interest in the sales career.

Dinkar Rao was part of Mercuri International (Sweden Based MNC as a Senior Consultant), Mercuri Urval (Denmark Based MNC as a Senior Consultant) and Better Future (Nederlands-based MNC as their Managing Director for Asia)

M.Tech (Mineral Engineering, Indian School of Mines- IIT Dhanbad), PGDBM, Leadership Capability Assessor, LIFO Coach, Belbin Coach, Celemi (Business Simulation) Certified Coach, ICF Certified Life Coach, Doctorate in Management studies.

Dinkar is a Member of the Mindfulness Association (UK)

Dinkar Rao is the founder of Groval Euler’s, Kabir Learning Foundation and Groval Selectia

Certified Coach (SUCCESS CONVERSION COACHING™) – Accredited by CCA and ICF

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    Are you a Managing Director/ CEO/ CSO/ HR Head of a company?

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    Are you heading Line of Business (LOB) and managing it’s P&L?

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    Do you want 90% of your sales team members to achieve their sales targets?

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    Do you want excellent customer satisfaction scores, consistently for your services?

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