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The power of storytelling in sales presentations

From cinemas to ads, storytelling has been a crucial element of narration and plot development. Marketing has also extensively used the power of storytelling for decades now. This leaves us, the sales folks, wondering how to unlock the power of storytelling into our everyday affairs. Sales presentations are often filled with stats and product-related info […]

How do you improve the sales win rate?

Win rate is a crucial parameter in sales as it helps a company assess the potential and performance of the sales team. A sales team is an indispensable part of an organisation, making growth happen.  A sales team not only needs the right strategy, people and approach but also the right culture. Here’s how an […]

Should marketing people talk to the salespeople often?

Marketing and sales alignment is one of the most crucial games for a company to master. For generations, the two departments have somehow tried to find gaps and leave them unbridged. It is only in recent times the hunt for growth has made leaders unlock the potential of these departments working in sync.  Both the […]

Break fear-based agreements in the workplace

Energy is key to all lifeforms. The energy that drives us, that keeps us alive, and that helps us understand what we want is the energy that determines who we are.  The energy we operate on makes us or breaks us. If we operate in the energy of guilt, fear or shame, the inward emotions […]

Weekly reviews – how important are they and how do you do them?

This system of weekly review is a great opportunity to steer the people in the right direction in an organization, making it very important for an organization. A lot of organizations focus on outcomes and although that process is acceptable, it cannot possibly yield a lot of results.  Let us take the analogy to understand […]

Top 5 ways to establish the right culture in your company

Impactful ways to establish the “Right” culture in your company All businesses start with an initial idea to solve a certain problem out in the market The initial idea branches out into offerings and this is basically how every business is born. Just like an individual, every business needs to have a certain culture.  Culture […]

High touch customer service – Are we able to give a superior experience to our customers?

Customer service – we have been at both the receiving and giving ends of it. While we have absolutely enjoyed the customer service of a few companies, a few would not have been so delightful.  Did you know that 67% of consumers cite bad experiences as a reason for churn? Keeping in mind our experiences […]

It’s H2H ( Irrespective of B2B,B2B2C,B2C)

Planning, margins, profitability, operations, marketing – you’re the boss and you know it best for your business. You have built teams to be most efficient and effective. Kudos, that does take a lot.   Even after a journey that one can regard as a success if you feel there’s a missing element to it, here’s mostly […]

Create a growth-oriented sales Culture

A Case Study – The transformation of a sales team in a Mumbai-based MSME business through the right culture  “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practised one kick 10,000 times.”, once said Bruce Lee and said it aptly. In the complex business world, […]

My Story

Stories – Sales Training and Coaching As a Sales trainer and Business Coach, I have the privilege to work closely with thousands of Sales professionals, their leaders and also with scores of entrepreneurs. One of the things I could do as a coach and enabler is to share some stories that could be of some use […]

Sales Leadership

Without developing the leadership, all the efforts to develop the team down the line can be ineffective. It is important to connect with the senior leadership team with a common goal and purpose. Sometimes, all our great efforts go down the drain if all the key leaders are not in alignment with the CEO and top […]

Sales Culture Creation

Growth of  an organisation depends on its Sales and business culture . And creating a  conducive culture to enable sales growth requires deep involvement of senior and top leadership. Sales culture creation requires abilities to build high quality collaboration within the organisation. All this is possible when the top management deploys all the efforts to create a work […]

Sales Enablement

Businessmen, Experts, Technologists, and Futurists have suggested that the next few decades will herald the fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution will be certainly driven by digitization, information and communications technology, machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence; and will shift a good part of decision-making mechanisms from humans to machines. The ability to strike the right balance between […]