Dinkar Rao, founder and business coach from Groval Euler’s, shares some perspectives towards building a new-age sales team. Apart from past accomplishments, what makes candidates stand out in sales? Here’s what he has to say. 

“It is a timeless truth that sales team members must have or develop a sense of ownership as it makes everything easy. To highlight a few, meetings get better, no need to look at minor setbacks that consume a lot of time, etc.“, says Dinkar Rao. 

Dinkar Rao also stresses that “Along with ownership, employing a structured approach to day-to-day activities is crucial and having a cadence in place brings in an efficient way to record daily affairs. To build success in business, having a methodical approach to prospect and account management is critical.”

“While these may define as personality traits, achieving targets strengthens the role of sales personnel in a business. The sales members must not just aim to achieve the target but also earn incentives. It is possible only with a strong sense of ambition. It is critical for sales teams to be successful in the long run which is of paramount importance”, advocates Mr Dinkar Rao.  

Key Takeaways

These are the key takeaways from Mr Dinakar Rao’s answers to finding the right sales candidates to match the new-age business models. 

  1. Have a sense of Ownership
  2. A structured approach to day-to-day activities
  3. Having cadences in place
  4. A methodical way to build success
  5. Achieve their targets and earn incentives
  6. Strong sense of Ambition

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