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Learning Events

Do you want to make your annual meetings, Strategy session, Offsite Team Building Sessions unique, engaging and memorable?

Do you want them to be inspiring and enjoyable ?

Do you want them to have a quick dose of Inspiration ?

Deep dive for a better drive

Special Offering for Kick off and Strategy meets – Timeless wisdom for business success.

The objective of these sessions is to establish connections between the individual, team and purpose of organization.

Special Offering for Senior Leadership levels –Timeless Wisdom for a refreshing Business Enablement. Taking the teams beyond the regular business context, making them look at themselves and their roles in a business with a new context. Enabling them to see a big picture in their roles and purpose.

Enabling intersections with social organisations for an experience beyond regular business context.Connecting to bigger purpose of business. This could be a refreshing experience in strategy meetings and special events. Also, we use timeless wisdom to trigger an entirely refreshing approach to leadership thinking. Poetry, Music, timeless wisdom and exciting experiential learning that can make a learning event a memorable one.

Learning Events
Learning Events

Me and We – Striking the Right Balance

Striking the right balance between “Me” and “We” is crucial to building inspired and effective teams. One of our group firms, Kabir learning Foundation (, uses intersectional learning to reignite our convictions on the timeless values that can build meaningful businesses and purposeful groups. Would you like to invite your teams to engage with us for some deeper conversations with us to enable their inner inspiration?

Learning Events

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