Business Coaching and Sales Training

Selling Skills Training, Sales process Training, Service Training, Account Management and the alignment of the Cross-functional Team for the emerging future.

Sales training works well only when it is resonating with the priorities of the business.

Enhance the impact of your sales efforts through innovative strategies and bespoke approaches for building success. All our Sales training workshops and service training Interventions are customised to the client’s situation considering the nature of the emerging future of business. This would cover a wide range of skill sets and behavioural development as a part of the overall sales training and organizational development initiative.

sales training

Handling Negotiations

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales Training workshops

Managing Field force

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales Training

Securing Sales Results

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales training

Building teams for tomorrow

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales training

Managing Ambiguity

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales Training workshops

Executive Presence

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales training

Working on Gravitas

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales training workshops

Having a Consultative Approach

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales Training

Opening Doors with Prospects

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales training workshops

Growing Key Account

Business Coaching and Sales Training
Sales Training

The objective of our Sales Training workshops is to inspire and enable people to improve the Quantity, Quality and Direction of Sales Efforts. We support building success for the sales team and their managers through customised sales training programs based on the business KPIs. Our Sales Training and enablement interventions are usually long-term to enhance the impact through sustained efforts.

These Sales training workshops are usually conducted in-house. Our innovative Sales Training sessions help people to build the required capabilities crucial for achieving success. The duration of the Sales training interventions would depend on the need and profile of the participants. The typical batch size for these Sales training, Account Management training and Service Training workshops is about 15 participants (offline and online). All these Sales Training workshops are followed by individual sessions to enable implementation.

An Overview of Our Sales Training Themes

Purposeful Sales

How do we inspire the teams to deploy the right methods and skills to win the business? What should we do differently from time to time? How do we counter our competition? Do we know the purpose of our products and services well enough to make an impact during our sales conversations? What do we do differently in the current context and emerging future?

Sales People Management

Managing a team that is working remotely can be quite challenging for a sales Leader. Managers are the “big bosses” of their enterprise (Area). They need to work fearlessly and smoothly towards deliverables. They are intrapreneurs who are supposed to be analytical, a bit visionary, hands-on and effective… How do the area managers manage, motivate and ensure results through such teams? How do we work on our influencing skills

Consultative Selling

How do we break into large accounts? How to make an impact at all levels to get engaged in a deeper way with the accounts? What kind of strategy is needed to make consultative sales happen across the sales organization?

Executive presence

How do we create impact in our conversations in the board room? How do we start from the end? How do we use the power of precision and also share sharp insights? What gravitas is in today’s context?

Future readiness for
First Time Managers

Purpose of this workshop is to equip them with leadership skills needed to connect to the teams and get the desired results?

Connecting with the Next Generation Colleagues

Many leaders find it difficult to connect to the very young team in their early 20’s to mid-twenties. The purpose of this workshop is to give fresh perspectives to bridge and build relationships. How to build energy in the new teams?

Hiring the Right Sales Talent

Hiring a talent is an expensive decision. How do we get the right fit? What is suitability vs eligibility? How do we identify right ways to attract the talent?

Growing Well

A lot of companies grow well in terms of numbers. Yet, they have people issues that become energy drainers for the entire organization. Growing well needs the right balance between people maturity and the numerical growth. How do we do this tight rope walk without losing out good resources?

Managing Relationships and Performance

Simple issues in workplace can bottle up and burst one day into a major conflict. How do we maintain positive energy in the workplace? What should the top leaders do for enabling a vibrant workplace? What people down the line should do for improving relationships and rapport with seniors?

Building the next version for the Organization

Senior and top management need to constantly focus on how to make the organization move to the next level. How do we align the teams to move in the direction set by the organization?

Winning Negotiations

The objective of this intervention is to ensure that the sales and business teams start preparing even better for negotiations and win more profitable and aspired deals. Profit and continuity of business is the lifeline of an organization.

Sales people also need to develop the required flexibility to approach situations with fresh perspectives. It is very important for a sales person to understand that negotiation leaves behind a strong impression about the brand, professionalism of the organization and the individual.

This workshop also helps to build a positive professional mark in toughest of the negotiations The workshops are usually customized for specific organizations based on the requirement of the business.

Impactful Presentations

This workshop is for making presentations effective, impactful and useful. It is about developing a great structure, content, also using spontaneity. Words flow when thoughts are clear. Presentations are also about using right stories and examples, staying relevant . It is also crucial in presentations to have the right start and end. This means a lot of practice and enjoyable coaching.

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