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sales training

Sales Training Programs in India for B2B & B2C Business

Enable Sales Organisation development, Selling Skills Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Process Training, Value Selling Training, Service Excellence Training, Key Account Management and building cross-functional collaboration.

Some examples of our engagements

(Short Term and Long Term)

Sales People Management


Sales people Management can be a strategic priority for Startups where the healthy retention of sales people is challenging.

These could be addressed through some Initiation sessions followed by some long term strategic interventions to bring effective results.

Sales People Management
Key Account Management

Key Account Management


Key account management (KAM) is one of the most important cultural changes in the sales approach that has evolved in the business landscape over the years. KAM is a unique organisational process used by business-to-business suppliers to manage their relationships with strategically important customers.

It produces measurable business benefits for both organisations. KAM initiative has to be customised to your business to be able to make it simple, effective and Implementable.

Inside Sales Training


Inside sales has become a crucial enabler for many companies. Many startups, especially in SaaS and Technology led businesses have been Investing consistently to build the Inside sales. In a new world, businesses operations are getting hybrid and sales people are working remotely. We encourage sales teams to be consultative in their approach.

Inside Sales Training
High Impact Presentation Skills

High Impact Presentation Skills Training


We are significantly impacted by how we communicate to a diverse set of people. Our abilities to influence the stakeholders can make or break our professional and personal relations. How do we use our strengths to make impactful presentations? How do we know the priorities of our audience? How do we resonate with our audience?

Sales Training and Coaching Academy


Build skills of your sales team with customised sales training and coaching for continuous quality lead flow.

Sales Training and Coaching Academy
Achieving Sales Growth

Achieving Sales Growth


We work with the Coachee on One on One mode to initiate a well-defined Growth path. We also do a thorough homework to make sure that each session is an enriching experience for the Coach. We give assignments and training material to the coach to work upon, before we engage for the next session.

The sessions on Achieving Sales Growth are highly personalised and are designed to inspire the achievement of professional goals. Check out the eight ways for Achieving Sales Growth.

Engagements Curated for MSME, SME & Startups


Every big corporation was a MSME at some Stage. Build your Future with vision, Intentions and actions. What do we offer for MSMEs?

Building high performance teams, Getting Technological Guidance, Building predictable sales pipeline, Building scale and growth roadmap, Improving the access to Finance, Building a strong Branding, Growing Sales, Service Excellence & Commercial Leadership.

Building Negotiation Capabilities

Building Negotiation Capabilities

In today’s context, negotiations can happen endlessly due to enormous information available digitally and also due to volatility of businesses. Nature of buying and selling has substantially changed. Getting valuable deals, partners, vendors and associates for a business is still not easy. Negotiation is increasingly becoming a science and art of getting viable partners and customers for our business.

Selling Value


How Can You Strengthen The Communication Around Your Value Proposition?

Building Compelling Presentations and Proposals, Creating Impactful Video presentations and Sales aids, Aligning website content to enable Value Selling, Improving Presentation Skills- Face to Face meetings and remote video calls, Digital Sales Strategy to communicate Value Proposition, Branding Sales team communication, Creating a champion Team for Value Selling.

Selling Value
Strengthening Your Sales Fundamentals

Strengthening Your Sales Fundamentals


Organisations can grow well if they acquire some key prospects. Such prospects can become high revenue producers over a period of time.

How do I break into mid to large accounts? How do I win over low hanging fruits? How to make an impact at all levels to get engaged in a deeper way with the accounts? What kind of strategy is needed to make consultative sales happen across the sales organisation? What kind of skills and behaviour needs to be developed for practising consultative sales approach?

Sales growth in SMEs

(Reference would be provided only on request)

Our Sales Training and enablement interventions are usually long-term to enhance the impact through sustained efforts.

(All this is to generate demand for your services and products.)

sales training

Sales training works only when it resonates with the business’s priorities.

Enhance the impact of your sales efforts through innovative strategies and bespoke approaches for building success. All our Sales training programs and service training Interventions are customised to the client’s situation considering the nature of the emerging future of business.

Our programmes would cover a wide range of skill sets and behavioural development as a part of the overall sales training and organisational development initiative.

Our Approach

Our Sales training programs in India are usually conducted in-house. Our innovative Training sessions help people build the required capabilities to succeed.

The duration of the training interventions would depend on the need and profile of the participants. The typical batch size for these Sales training services, Account Management training and Service Training programs is about 15 participants (offline and online). Individual sessions are conducted to ensure the effective implementation of the training.

Sales Training

An Overview of Our Customised Sales Training Themes

Purposeful Sales

How do we inspire the teams to deploy the right methods and skills to win the business?

What should we do differently from time to time?

How do we counter our competition?

Do we know the purpose of our products and services well enough to make an impact during our sales conversations?

What do we do differently in the current context and emerging future?

Sales People Management

Managing a team that is working remotely can be quite challenging for a sales Leader. Managers are the “big bosses” of their enterprise (Area). They need to work fearlessly and smoothly towards deliverables. They are intrapreneurs who are supposed to be analytical, a bit visionary, hands-on and effective..

How do the area managers manage, motivate and ensure results through such teams?

How do we work on our influencing skills.

Consultative Selling

How do we break into large accounts?

How to make an impact at all levels to get engaged in a deeper way with the accounts?

What kind of strategy is needed to make consultative sales happen across the sales organization?

Executive presence

How do we create impact in our conversations in the board room?

How do we start from the end?

How do we use the power of precision and also share sharp insights?

What gravitas is in today’s context?

Future readiness for First Time Managers

Purpose of this workshop is to equip them with leadership skills needed to connect to the teams and get the desired results?

Connecting with the Next Generation Colleagues

Many leaders find it difficult to connect to the very young team in their early 20’s to mid-twenties. The purpose of this workshop is to give fresh perspectives to bridge and build relationships.

How to build energy in the new teams?

Hiring the Right Sales Talent

Hiring a talent is an expensive decision.

How do we get the right fit?

What is suitability vs eligibility?

How do we identify right ways to attract the talent?

Growing Well

A lot of companies grow well in terms of numbers. Yet, they have people issues that become energy drainers for the entire organization.

Growing well needs the right balance between people maturity and the numerical growth.

How do we do this tight rope walk without losing out good resources?

Managing Relationships and Performance

Simple issues in workplace can bottle up and burst one day into a major conflict.

How do we maintain positive energy in the workplace?

What should the top leaders do for enabling a vibrant workplace?

What people down the line should do for improving relationships and rapport with seniors?

Building the next version for the Organization

Senior and top management need to constantly focus on how to make the organization move to the next level.

How do we align the teams to move in the direction set by the organization?

Winning Negotiations

The objective of this intervention is to ensure that the sales and business teams start preparing even better for negotiations and win more profitable and aspired deals. Profit and continuity of business is the lifeline of an organization.

Sales people also need to develop the required flexibility to approach situations with fresh perspectives. It is very important for a sales person to understand that negotiation leaves behind a strong impression about the brand, professionalism of the organization and the individual.

Impactful Presentations

This workshop is for making presentations effective, impactful and useful. It is about developing a great structure, content, also using spontaneity.

Words flow when thoughts are clear. Presentations are also about using right stories and examples, staying relevant.

It is also crucial in presentations to have the right start and end. This means a lot of practice and enjoyable coaching.

Helpful Resources for Sales Training

The Golden Approach for enablement of People

The purpose of Groval Euler’s is to enable the ideas, energy, and actions that produce exemplary efforts, thereby better results. My firm’s focus is to build an organisation’s revenue generation capabilities through better sales approaches, people management, leadership enablement, cross-functional synergy, customer acquisition and account management. We do this through business performance consulting and sales and business coaching. We usually partner on long-term business enablement projects. We also work with cross-functional teams to better align with the company’s business objectives.

Sales Training


What is the focus of our sales training services?

The focus of our sales training services and programs in india is to make the salespeople achieve their target and make them earn their incentives. Besides, they also need to develop themselves for the next level of sales leadership. Groval Euler’s empowers salespeople to flourish through training programs.

How does training help sales managers?

These management sales training programs provide a structured approach to the sales team. This helps the managers work with the salespeople on a greater objective and manage their time more effectively.

How does it help the business organization?

We help organizations to improve their sales efficiency and effectiveness through structured sales training and KPI-focused interventions enabling organizations to achieve their goals at a faster rate and manage their resources and time. The organization’s sales training enables organizational growth and builds a growth mindset.

How do we measure sales training?

The sales training in india can be measured by monitoring and measuring the improvement in sales efforts (Quantity, Quality and Direction of efforts). The best way to measure it is to measure the efforts and results during the review sessions.

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