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We would be glad to share more on our work over a conversation.

The engagements that we do are under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements), the details shared below are extracts of email. If need be, at an opportune time we could connect you to the key stakeholders who engaged with us, they could share more on our engagement.

We respect the confidentiality agreements and privacy in our engagements; And hence the names of the people are kept confidential

IT Services Company ( Group Vice President of a MNC company )

We had approached you Dinkar , for creating a Robust Account Management Culture and an effective prospect Management system. Making the Sales team and their leaders more conscious about opportunity tracking and winning the deals . We have also aligned the cross functional team to support the sales teams in accelerating business growth. The Sales enablement engagement has really enabled our account. managers and delivery directors across various geographies to address the account management in a more conscious and structured manner”. This means a lot of practice and enjoyable coaching.

IT Services and Consulting Company ( Managing Director – Indian Company )

This has helped us to have a better sales pipeline. This is the first time we have seen our sales pipeline so healthy and predictable. We have been able to close some good deals too.

IT Products Company (Group Business Head- Indian MNC )

Y17-18 has been momentous year for our vertical. As of YTD Dec’17, we had grown by 30% over previous year and continue to maintain a similar run rate. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your contribution & hard work to make this year a grand success.

FMCG Company (Managing Director- European Multinational )

The program definitely helped to bring discipline in the territory and sales management, which was one of the most critical points to achieve: Permanent Journey Plan in place for quality of customer conversions; Structure and Quality content of Sales reports, including secondary sales;

Use of internal SalesForce tool; Value Selling Kit introduced and used; Overall seriousness and reactivity to queries and requests (reply to emails; return phone calls, sense of urgency) – The program also helped the RSMs to increase their level and sense of responsibilities as managers of teams: Importance and quality of Field joint visits; Importance and quality of structured team business reviews; Increased strategic mindset in the quantity, quality and direction of efforts dedicated by themselves/their teams – Overall the program has enabled higher level of awareness, trust and confidence among the teams and with external stakeholders – Improvement also lately happened in the area of Distribution strategy and management.

IT E- Learning Company ( CoFounder and CEO- Indian MNC)

Really happy to see the uptick in the number of proposal requests. Your efforts with our team are really motivating

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Hospitality company ( Senior Director -Indian MNC)

Thank you for such a wonderful day workshop. It has jogged the memory and has prepared me for future business. The workshop helped in making a structured sales approach.
The points which really stood out –

  • To understand the background of the company inside out.
  • Business Prospect of the call
  • Structured sales approach

We know that we have an edge in comparison of our competitors ( guest still turns towards us whenever there is an important event) still in changing scenario we need to learn new sales style. Thanks once again and looking forward for another day of learning.

Engineering Capital Equipments – Managing Director of an Indian Company

Amazing, how relevant it is and the appeal is tremendous. Keep these salvos coming and thank you so much for being there for us.
A new energy is visibly motivating our team to take those bold steps, do that diligent planning and make those hard decisions.
Learning is the evolved living and you are a wonderful resource. Customer is not King, the right Customer is! Cheers!

Senior Sales Manager from an Indian MNC

There were lot of questions in mind before walking into this training session. But once I walked into the room, your session started like a fresh breath of air which involved talking about our core value of our character from childhood which we adults truly forget during the hustle bustle of our daily lives.It was extremely great learning and to brush up our basics right.From talking about the introduction, SIM, Qualifying the accounts, the KY theory (KYP, KYE and KYS). Everything you taught gave us a fresh and a new point of view in terms of looking our day to day work in a new and productive manner.Once again, thank you so much for all your time and inputs with the team. It was indeed a great learning session.

Engineering and Projects Company ( General Manager – A Large European MNC)

Below are my views, after concluding the review at Chennai and Bangalore.

  • End user visits have increased, specially in AP and down south of Tamil Nadu.
  • The prospect management efforts are helping them to understand as where to put their efforts inorder to generate business on a sustainable basis.
  • Sales people have started probing more about the requirements and opportunities, resulting in knowing more about application, processes.
  • Weekly visit plans have become effective and number of visits have increased in last two months – barring few sales personal.
  • Becoming more confident about speaking & detailing the business.

Electrical Engineering Company ( General Manager – A Large European MNC )

My first observation is that the complete program was run well . This program has really evaluated each of the sales colleagues about his strength and the areas of improvement, which sometimes they are not aware of, or they just take it lightly. These improvement areas are very important for their career growth and the growth of the organization, thank you.

European Consulting Company ( Director – Large MNC)

Thank you for a great couple of days. You’re a true inspiration, not only through your professional competence and obvious people knowledge, but also on a more personal level. I am grateful that you are willing to share your wisdom with me.

Building Materials – Senior Manager ( A Large American MNC)

At the outset thank you very much for the personnel engagement to coach me. I’m really thankful for your valuable guidance and support in enhancing my skill towards lead-ship qualities.
And will still work and improve upon below activities

  • Delegation Ability
  • Bring Focus in the team on daily sales activity
  • Making team to take more responsibilities in time without getting into fire fighting
  • Take initiative to reach out the team to understand their situations
  • Improve the review mechanism .

And will make sure

  • Will Patient and Persistent in my approaches.
  • Making them feel fearless and work towards growth of the organization.

Building Materials – (Regional Head -An American MNC)

Congrats to you and your team on winning deals.

Thanks to you , your team and Mr. Dinkar on making this end user engagement a successful activity and today we cherished the success story shared by ______ on project won (M/s. _______). It’s a great feeling and satisfaction when we win such projects from competition. We will hear such wins on consistence basis and making it has an habit with each and every sales team member.

I am really happy to see the changes happening within you after our feedbacks in last 3 months. You are able to control your outburst (frustration) in common forum with the team and trying to communicate individually with each member and also allowing time to think and discuss for yourself. This really helps you and your team member to come on common ground. We also wanted you to improve on encouraging your team member and appreciate them for smallest of their performance. In simple terms, Talk positive and use such words in every discussion and be always a support to your team member than a task master.

Now that we have set a great expectation with customers it is even more important for us to know on how do we communicate with customer, internally and with channel partners on commitments Vs deliverables. As discussed I will be part of the program to help you and your team in providing timely help and guidance to handle the situation through proper written communication.

Agriculture Research and Development Company (Managing Director- Japanese Company )

I am sure team also has captured some good Takeaway from your training programme which we help them to further strengthen their some natural skills .The same will translate in developing them as a good human being and also contribute for developing their teams,
Wonderful !

Healthcare Company – Managing Director- ( A start up Indian Company with a premium and Niche services)

We thank you for your immense contribution to building a strong sales team & processes in the company.

FMCG ( Director Sales- Large European MNC)

It was our pleasure to have you on board with the sales coaching . Appreciate all the good initiatives from your side to help us better manage sales team efforts, productivity and direction.

FMCG – (Director HR -European MNC)

Many thanks for your message and for your engagement with us over the full 6-month period, which was fruitful for all levels of the organisation.

Hospitality Company – Senior Regional Head ( Sales) -Indian MNC

Thanks for the encouraging words. It has indeed helped.

The good things which are happening are

  • Call rates have gone up
  • Focus on new calls per day
  • Data collection is becoming better
  • Thank you mails are streamlined
  • Lately – calls for next day have been started.

Things to be done better

  • Calling to be made better on gold and platinum accounts
  • More joint calls between hotel manager n sales person
  • Better control over the existing accounts.

From my side, I am spending more time

  • Daily interaction with individuals
  • Continue to do reviews on new sign ups and lost accounts
  • Continue to guide them about the progress on adding prospects.
  • Pushing for addition of new accounts to the list

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