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Inside Sales Training – Sales Prospecting Process

Inside sales training programs have become a crucial enabler for many companies. Many startups, especially in SaaS and Technology led businesses have been Investing consistently to build the Inside sales. In a new world, businesses operations are getting hybrid and sales people are working remotely. Groval Euler’s through it’s curated initiatives on Inside sales teams, both globally and in India. We encourage sales teams to be consultative in their approach.

Understand KPIs

Decipher what matters to potential customers and provide solutions to end goals.

Research the Prospect

Understand structure of the organization, their industry and recent news

Identify Decision-Makers

Do organisation mapping, join networking groups and try to get a referral

Engage with Prospects

Get in touch with prospects through various mediums like events, phone and email

Have i been able to understand your requirements?

Your customers must recognise you as the best partner from all the choices available to them in a Competitive Market. Inside sales can play a big role in better Sales Growth and brand reputation.

Effective Inside Sales (EIS) or internal sales training and coaching is a results-oriented program that gives your inside sales team the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers. Ultimately, sales conversions matter and success is the best motivator.

Today’s hyper-competitive business environment requires a higher level of efficiency and function across the entire sales organization. Inside Sales professionals need to be prepared to solve problems, identify sales opportunities, and then seize those opportunities in every customer or prospect contact.

Our indoor sales trainer ensures that participants will immediately apply what they learn in the inside sales training programs.

Inside Sales Training – What Will Participants Learn?

This programme is designed on the fundamental aspects of value selling. In inside sales coaching, you will learn how to leverage a powerful, customer-focused communication strategy to maximize positive outcomes during our sales calls.

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    Meeting the Inside Sales Challenge

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    Understanding Compelling Needs of the Buyer

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    Building Customer Relationships

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    Make the Customer Part of the Solution

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    Influencing Customer Attitudes and Actions

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    Service Attitude

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    Staying on Top of Your Game

Inside Sales Training – Five Pillars to Build an Impact in Your Calls

To be successful in Inside sales, one must be constantly working on building abilities to have impactful conversations.

We are living in a digitally distracted world. Want to create a better Impact in our conversations?

People might continue to work remotely in the emerging future too. Attention span of people is coming down. How do we create a better Impact in our presentations while doing our business conversations (Especially in Virtual calls) ?

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    Build a strong database to scout the market

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    Research well about the prospects – Use digital media and latest tools

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    Identify and work with all stakeholders – How to use LinkedIn and other mediums?

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    Understand the business KPIs – What matters the most to the decision-makers?

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    Engage Consultatively – Personalisation, Personalisation and Personalisation

Theme of the Engagement

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    How to make calls towards inbound and outbound sales?

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    Understand ways to identify new sales opportunities

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    Build a fast-paced goal-oriented mechanism to generate results

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    Impactful demos and business presentations

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    Improving the task management and daily productivity

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    Virtual Calls – 10 Ways to Create Impact

Output, Frameworks and Tools

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    Four-step process towards consultative selling

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    Ways to reach out to the right prospects and stakeholders

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    Building Connect – CUVA process

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    Personalisation in communication – Techniques

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    Sales Pipeline Management – Waterflow Diagram

Key Outcomes

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    Better accuracy in sales forecasting

  • null

    Robust sales pipeline

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    Scientific cadences to deliver sales goals

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    Higher level of Performance – Sales folks earn their incentives regularly

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    Sales goals are achieved consistently

Short Term vs Long Term Sales Training Program

Inside Sales Training – What Will Participants Learn?

Inside sales training and coaching programmes are designed on the fundamental aspects of value selling . You will get to learn how to leverage a powerful, customer focused communication strategy to maximize the positive outcome during our sales calls.

Past Projects – Enabling Sales and Leadership Capability with Business Growth – Experience snapshot


Personal Consulting Experiences of the Founder (Dinkar Rao) – Some Projects

3i infotech
Barry Callebaut
Indian Oil
move in sync
Konica Minolta
Business Coaching Engagements (Some Examples)

About the Facilitator

Dinkar Rao

Dinkar Rao has supported the goals of more than 14000+ professionals from Foreign MNCs, Indian MNCs and local SMEs. He has done senior management assessments and selections for top-notch organisations. He has been involved in many international and domestic people enablement initiatives. Dinkar Rao has been involved in various strategic initiatives for long-term Sales Organisation development.

Dinkar Rao has coached more than 300 companies. Dinkar has personally handled many critical assessment centres for different layers of management from large and small businesses.

Dinkar Rao’s Background

More than Twenty-five (25) years of exposure in Sales Management and 15 plus years in Sales performance Consulting. Dinkar Rao has hands-on experience in sales because of his deep interest in the sales career.

Dinkar Rao was part of Mercuri International (Sweden Based MNC as a Senior Consultant), Mercuri Urval (Denmark Based MNC as a Senior Consultant) and Better Future (Nederlands-based MNC as their Managing Director for Asia)

M.Tech (Mineral Engineering, Indian School of Mines- IIT Dhanbad), PGDBM, Leadership Capability Assessor, LIFO Coach, Belbin Coach, Celemi (Business Simulation) Certified Coach, ICF Certified Life Coach, Doctorate in Management studies.

Dinkar is a Member of the Mindfulness Association (UK)

Dinkar Rao is the founder of Groval Euler’s, Kabir Learning Foundation and Groval Selectia

Certified Coach (SUCCESS CONVERSION COACHING™) – Accredited by CCA and ICF

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    Are you a Managing Director/ CEO/ CSO/ HR Head of a company?

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    Are you heading Line of Business (LOB) and managing it’s P&L?

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    Do you want 90% of your sales team members to achieve their sales targets?

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    Do you want excellent customer satisfaction scores, consistently for your services?

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