sales process Audit and advisory
Sales Process Audit and advis


Business Coaching and Sales Training

We research and audit the sales approach that you would need to build success.

As it is said ” God lies in details”. We support organisations to define and refine all those small changes that can help achieve big results. We enable companies to build a Sales Operating processes ( SOP) to achieve standardisation in their sales approaches across their team members. Ultimately, the purpose of the sales audit is build processes,methods and culture for better business growth. Sales Audit could be a powerful enabler for Sales growth and rebuilding your Sales Organisation.

Sales Process Audit and advisory

Processes that we audit and then give our Advise /Recommendations:

  • Market Potential Mapping process
  • Sales Target Setting process
  • Sales planning Process : The review process ,effort management ,supervision , guidance and evaluation systems
  • Inside Sales Process/ Tele Calling for reaching out to the potential buyers
  • Customer Interaction process during Client and Prospect Meetings- Preparations before call, Grooming standards, Introduction and context setting, probing , presenting the products and summing up
  • Sales Territory Planning process and guidelines for utilising time productively
  • Fixing KPI for each layer of the sales organisation
  • Process for building the sales leadership within the system
  • Hunting process and farming process across the buying cycle in the different target markets
  • Lead management process including lead qualification, scoring, nurturing, and routing

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  • Demand generation process , channels, lead sources, and campaign tracking
  • Process to enhance and filter Prospect database
  • Sales Communication Process – Messaging consistency in the collaterals (emails, presentations, demos, proposals, brochure, white paper, etc.)
  • Process for Sales conversation briefs/ toolkits , demonstration process, product training and application matrix
  • Digital Readiness to Enable Sales – Website and social media adoption to enable sales
  • Sales Management dashboards for reviews ( Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Forecasting processes for predictability of the business
  • Processes for Market positioning of products and services for different opportunities
  • Sales process to hire and retain salespeople as per the standard capability model . Exit interviews of the sales people by Sales Managers and above.
  • Sales Person onboarding Process
  • Sales process for product knowledge development and sales capability development
  • Objection handling and Complaint Handling Process
  • Account Management Process and Key Account Management Process
  • Sales Negotiation process
  • Customer Service Processes – Evolving Moments of Truth
  • Value Selling process , ROI templates and Case studies -Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Building Succession plan for Sales leadership
  • Service culture creation for Sales Enablement
  • CEO Support – Systems for the Sales Team to ensure connect with top management vision.

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Why You Should Conduct a Sales and Service Audit: Insights from Experts

Developing the sales and service culture without doing audits is like doing treatment without diagnosis. Before we embark upon any developmental journey, it is crucial to build ways to regularly understand the efficiency and impact of our sales and service processes. Our guiding principle is Kaizen and TQM, which also applied to build the quality of sales and service processes. End of the day customer is buying product and service reliability through your business teams.

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