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Build your connections with your stakeholders outside and Inside the organisation

Dinkar Rao Certificate
CEO insights Top 10 - IIT Dhanbad Alumni Leaders 2023

Certified Coach (SUCCESS CONVERSION COACHING™) – Accredited by CCA and ICF

The objective of the programme is to develop five attributes of leadership

Goals of learning for the One-day workshop

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Dinkar Rao

Coached more than 300 companies | 14000 delegates worldwide

Alumni IIT (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

ICF certified Life Coach | Belbin (Merit) Certified | LIFO Trainer

The Program Outcomes

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    Take aspirations of the team to next level

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    Improve EBITDA

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    Build a stronger growth focussed business

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    Build stronger value proposition

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    Connect better with your team members

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    Build high performance sales and service team

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    Build a healthy and predictable sales pipeline

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    Build better professional relatiomships

    Internationally acclaimed seasoned business coach, Certified ICF Coach, LIFO Coach and Belbin Coach. Dinkar Rao Coached more than 14000 delegates from 400 plus companies over last 18 Years. Dinkar is M.Tech from IIT Dhanbad (Indian School of Mines), PGDBM, Doctorate in Management studies

    Dinkar Rao

    Timeless Takeaways

    At the end of the session you will be gaining timeless tools and a ready reckoner on sales leadership development authored by globally acclaimed coach, Dinkar Rao.

    The reckoner carries insights of coaching from Dinkar Rao from more than 400 companies and 14000 participants across the world. Know more about Dinkar Rao.

    Webinar – Online Workshop


    CUVA – High Impact Leadership Programme



    (90 Minutes Discovery Session)

    Offline Mode


    CUVA – High Impact Leadership Programme

    (Certification Programme)


    9.00 AM to 6.00 PM


    Bangalore (One Day session at a Five Star property with the right ambience for learning and development)

    About the business Coach


    Years In Sales Management


    Business Professionals Enabled


    Companies Coached


    Years in Sales Performance Consulting

    Short Term vs Long Term Sales Training Program

    Our Coaching Initiatives – Why Choose Us?

    How do we build high-performance teams in the current times?

    CUVA stands for Connecting, Understanding, Valuing and Appreciating. Essentially, the whole process of building leadership influence needs to be simplified. Leadership roles are becoming increasingly demanding as more work is conducted remotely, traditional company boundaries become more porous, people tend to work in…

    How do we build stronger collaboration across the organisation?

    Our growth depends on the depth of intentions and intensity of actions. Even with minimal resources, one can produce outstanding results. It is all about our “Will” to do things. The question here is – Are we genuinely working towards our objectives with the required levels of involvement? We need to build coherent and collaborative teams for sustainable growth.

    Past Projects – Enabling Sales and Leadership Capability with Business Growth – Experience snapshot


    Business Coaching Engagements (Some Examples)

    3i infotech
    Barry Callebaut
    Pro SIM
    Indian Oil
    move in sync
    Konica Minolta
    Business Coaching Engagements (Some Examples)

    About the Facilitator

    Dinkar Rao

    Every big corporation was a MSME at some Stage. Build your Future with vision, Intentions and actions.

    Dinkar Rao has supported the goals of more than 14000+ professionals from Foreign MNCs, Indian MNCs and local SMEs. He has done senior management assessments and selections for top-notch organisations. He has been involved in many international and domestic people enablement initiatives. Dinkar Rao has been involved in various strategic initiatives for long-term Sales Organisation development.

    Dinkar Rao has coached more than 300 companies. Dinkar has personally handled many critical assessment centres for different layers of management from large and small businesses.

    Dinkar Rao’s Background

    More than Twenty-five (25) years of exposure in Sales Management and 15 plus years in Sales performance Consulting. Dinkar Rao has hands-on experience in sales because of his deep interest in the sales career.

    Dinkar Rao was part of Mercuri International (Sweden Based MNC as a Senior Consultant), Mercuri Urval (Denmark Based MNC as a Senior Consultant) and Better Future (Nederlands-based MNC as their Managing Director for Asia)

    M.Tech (Mineral Engineering, Indian School of Mines- IIT Dhanbad), PGDBM, Leadership Capability Assessor, LIFO Coach, Belbin Coach, Celemi (Business Simulation) Certified Coach, ICF Certified Life Coach, Doctorate in Management studies.

    Dinkar is a Member of the Mindfulness Association (UK)

    Dinkar Rao is the founder of Groval Euler’s, Kabir Learning Foundation and Groval Selectia

    Certified Coach (SUCCESS CONVERSION COACHING™) – Accredited by CCA and ICF

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      Are you a Managing Director/ CEO/ CSO/ HR Head of a company?

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      Are you heading Line of Business (LOB) and managing it’s P&L?

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      Do you want 90% of your sales team members to achieve their sales targets?

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      Do you want excellent customer satisfaction scores, consistently for your services?

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