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In today’s business world, it is critical to continuously measure and improve customer satisfaction. Service excellence is possible only when we have the right processes for creating superior customer engagement.

We need higher levels of emotional intelligence in this artificially intelligent world. Customers want higher levels of perfection in service delivery. Customers expect service professionals to be smart, quick, well-groomed, straightforward yet polite, Truthful and also reassuring, knowledgeable, have high levels of patience, Intuitive, logical, creative, disciplined and resourceful. And yes, and despite all the merits that the service people have. they need to listen to all kinds of issues without any irritation and with all humility. Of course, the customers also expect the services to be value-adding and cost-effective.
Yes, expectations are that of a Super Service personality at an affordable cost. Might be contrasting but that’s the reality about expectations. Indeed, pampering is a way of life.
To create superior levels of service, as recommended by service excellence coach Dinkar Rao, we need to ensure that service teams are respected by their organizations internally. The self-esteem of service professionals needs to be cared for and nurtured since they are often in vulnerable situations.

Service Excellence training and coaching

How do we create superior customer experiences ?

Service is the backbone for a successful and sustainable business.

Customers deeply value interactions with the service teams that are well informed by their history , choices and preferences .

In these days of the Hi-Tech world , Hi-Touch is equally important.

Customers want to feel like ” Yes! This person has understood my problem”.

It certainly needs functional capabilities however also requires emotional intelligence.

Our Coaching Experience (B2C, B2B,B2B2C):

  • Service Professionals of IT Hardware
  • Customer support teams for IT Software Services
  • Product Support teams for Key accounts
  • Customer Success teams for IT services companies
  • Service advisors for Automobile Passenger Vehicles and Heavy commercial Vehicles
  • Service engineers for Home Appliances
  • Service engineers for Earth Moving Equipments
  • Industrial Capital Equipments
  • Hospitality Services
  • Industrial Consumables
  • Industrial Automation
  • Retail services and many more …

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How do we enhance the positive Impact of customer support services?

Keeping in mind our experiences as a customer, one would agree that poor customer service reflects on the company directly irrespective of how excellent the product could be or how reputed the company could be.

Service Excellence


Why do we train service people?

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Service people are prime movers of the organization’s reputation. They are the heart of delivery and account management. Be it a SaaS organization or a capital equipment manufacturing company, the prospects will be able to leverage the fullest benefits of products and services because of the support from service and customer success teams.

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What is the benefit of service excellence initiatives?

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  • Service training and coaching help in building a better reputation of the brand
  • It helps the organization to get better NPS and CSAT scores with a higher level of customer engagement to create better word-of-mouth in the market. 
  • It helps ease of collaboration between sales and service teams 
  • It improves the efficiency of business to a greater level 
  • It helps in generating more delighted customers and subsequently increases the market share.

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How does Groval Euler’s design sales and service excellence training programs?

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Grovel Euler’s helps in developing customized sales and service coaching based on the requirement of the organization. We design programs through In-depth research, understanding of the problem statement, and customization based on the requirements of the business.

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How does the training and coaching help the service teams?

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  • It communicates respect for the service function within the organization 
  • It motivates and inspires the service people to go on extra mile to serve the customers 
  • It helps the customers to work with motivated service professionals 
  • It helps products and services to reach their optimum level 
  • It helps in better account management practices.

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What are the qualities of an outstanding service professional?

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It takes CTC to become an outstanding service professional –
  • Care 
  • Transparency 
  • Concern

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