Don’t you think Selling is a complex activity? Far more complex than what it is perceived to be. Selling requires planning extensively. It requires a deep understanding of the needs of the customers and markets. It needs support from stakeholders inside and outside the organisation. It requires resources, finances, insights and partners to make things happen. It requires creativity and discipline just like movie making. Let’s expand our thoughts on some common elements, that make movie-making and selling quite similar. 

  • Extensive Planning: Both selling and movie-making involve extensive planning. In selling, you need to research and understand your customers’ needs, identify target markets, and develop strategies to reach them. Similarly, in movie making, there’s scriptwriting, pre-production planning, and organizing resources to bring the story to life.
  • Deep Understanding of the Audience: Successful selling and movie-making both rely on understanding the audience. In selling, you need to know your customers’ preferences, pain points, and motivations to tailor your approach. Similarly, in movie making, understanding the target audience’s interests and preferences helps in creating a compelling and engaging film.
  • Stakeholder Support: Both selling and movie-making require support from stakeholders. In selling, you need the backing of internal stakeholders, such as managers, colleagues, and support teams, to effectively deliver products or services. Externally, you may need support from partners, distributors, or influencers. In movie making, stakeholders can include producers, investors, actors, and crew members, whose collaboration and support are crucial for a successful film.
  • Resource Management: Selling and movie-making both involve managing resources. In selling, you may need financial resources, market insights, customer data, and partnerships to execute your sales strategies. Similarly, in movie making, you need financial resources for production, access to suitable filming locations, equipment, and talent to bring the movie to fruition.
  • Creativity and Discipline: Both selling and movie-making require a balance of creativity and discipline. In selling, you need creative thinking to develop unique solutions, persuasive communication, and innovative sales strategies. Movie-making demands creativity in storytelling, visual aesthetics, and engaging the audience. However, both also require discipline to follow structured processes, meet deadlines, and overcome challenges.

While selling and movie-making share some similarities, it’s important to note that they are distinct practices with their own unique characteristics. However, drawing parallels between the two can help highlight the importance of planning, understanding the audience, stakeholder support, resource management, and the blend of creativity and discipline required for success in both endeavours.

All said and done, people sell to succeed and the same is with movie making. The only difference is that in movies actors are the heroes/heroine; However in sales, customers is the hero. Resonate, Resonate and Resonate with your audience.