Marketing and sales alignment is one of the most crucial games for a company to master. For generations, the two departments have somehow tried to find gaps and leave them unbridged. It is only in recent times the hunt for growth has made leaders unlock the potential of these departments working in sync. 

Both the departments are closely working with the same target of people, i.e, potential customers. With possibly different aims, there is a lot for both the teams to understand from each other.

Here’s how the marketing department should work in tandem with the sales department: 

Sit on sales calls 

When the marketing team sits on a sales call or two, the crucial calls, they begin to understand the brand perception and the objections that are handled by the sales team. This helps them build better messages and add all aspects of the products to the views of the customer. 

Create real-time customer personas 

Marketing teams often work with customer personas and by taking the help of the sales team, they can get their hands on a real-time customer profile to further standardize and analyze. This helps them make the collaterals more realistic and helps them gauge the reaction of their work by measuring it with a familiar audience. 

Making customised content 

Making customised content for important closures can help sales grow significantly. This is made possible when the sales team works in sync with the marketing team and makes them understand what is important for closure and how to put it forward. Further, the teams should measure the success of the collaterals and their perception. 

The best organizations understand that it is crucial for both the teams to win and to win together. They work on the alignment of both teams and ensure that the leaders of both departments work towards the common goal of the growth of the company. 

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