We keep reading in the news about Al Nino and other climatic disruptions. Climate change can certainly affect business, the writing is clearly on the wall. We would like to suggest our discerning readers to update their understanding and build readiness for the future of their businesses in lieu of climate change.

Here is one article from HBR that needs attention of readers – https://online.hbs.edu/blog/post/climate-change-affecting-businesses

Are we ready to seriously acknowledge and address the concerns associated with climate change? Climate change can have several indirect impacts on sales careers. Here are a few key points to consider:

Effects of climate change on the businesses

  • Shifting consumer preferences due to climate change: As awareness and concern about climate change grow, consumers may change their purchasing habits. They may prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services. Sales professionals will need to adapt their strategies to meet these changing demands and align their offerings with sustainable solutions. The target setting processes need to account the appeal of the products from sustainability perspectives
  • Industry-specific impacts due to climate change: Certain industries, such as fossil fuels and high carbon-emitting sectors, may face increased scrutiny and regulations due to climate change concerns. Sales professionals working in these industries may experience challenges as the demand for their products or services declines. It may be necessary for individuals to diversify their skills and explore opportunities in emerging green industries.
  • Increasing emphasis on renewable energy and clean technologies: The transition to renewable energy sources and clean technologies presents new opportunities for sales professionals. Companies involved in solar power, wind energy, energy-efficient products, and other sustainable solutions may experience growth, leading to increased sales job opportunities in these sectors.
  • Growing Importance of Green certifications and credentials: As sustainability becomes a more significant focus across industries, sales professionals with knowledge of green certifications, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), may have a competitive advantage. Understanding and promoting sustainable practices and eco-friendly features can enhance sales performance.
  • Adaptation and innovation: Climate change may drive the need for innovative solutions to address its impacts. Sales professionals who can identify and market innovative products or services that help mitigate or adapt to climate change effects may find new business opportunities.

We could also suggest our readers to visit the work being done by one of our group firm, Kabir learning Foundation on the business readiness for the leaders to deal with disruptiuons due to climate change : https://kabirlearning.in/climate-change/

The point is how we interpret the changes happening in our ecosystem. What are the changes that can impact the sustainability of our business? What kind of people and leadership are needed for the future? Are we building our future readiness? Stay connected as a responsible community to build future leaders.