Impactful ways to establish the “Right” culture in your company

All businesses start with an initial idea to solve a certain problem out in the market The initial idea branches out into offerings and this is basically how every business is born. Just like an individual, every business needs to have a certain culture. 

Culture is not built overnight or out of thin air. Building culture takes the right values, time, effort and collectiveness of the team. 

Why is culture so important? 

“How we do one thing is how we do everything”, and this is what makes culture important. This essentially means that it is the mindset that matters and how we approach a particular thing at the workplace, is generally, how we approach most things. It also means that no task is big or no task is small. If you can trust someone with a small task, you could also trust them with a bigger task because they are reliable and have the ‘can do’ attitude, which is more important than having the intellectual ability for it. 

These virtues of being a good employee and a good employer are only set by setting the right culture and nurturing it. 

Here are the top 5 ways to establish the right culture in your company: 

  1. Defining the core values 
  2. Right hiring 
  3. Employee-centric policies 
  4. Customer-centric service 
  5. Feedback mechanism 

Let us look at this a little deeply 

  1. Defining the core values 

Irrespective of the industry you are in, it is essential to have core values. It is never too late to think about them, in case you haven’t come up with any, in spite of being in business for a long time. 

Brainstorm and reflect on what you truly believe in and this can help you write the core values. Write them down and keep 5 – 7 relevant ones that make customers, employees and the company better. 

Ex, if accountability is a core value, also work on how to make it measurable at all levels and see if you are aligned with the core value at all times. If open communication is a core value, find channels of communication between departments, department heads, and the management and be sure to bridge communication channels vertically and horizontally in the company. 

  1. Right hiring 

Hiring someone for skills is great but hiring someone with the right attitude and personal values can help you ensure the culture of the company is in the right hands. Be clear about the company’s culture from the time of the interview and check how much they align with it. At all stages, a fresher or an employee of 5+ years needs to be reminded about the culture and given the right direction if they are swaying away from it. 

  1. Employee-centric policies 

Setting the right culture is a two-way street. Only when the employees are content with what they receive at the workplace, they will align with the company’s values. Create policies that help employees become better employees and better people. That is when they respect the company, align with the values and become the ones to nurture the culture. 

  1. Customer-centric service 

This, in itself, is a core value and needs to be part of the culture of the company. What this essentially means is that every innovation or new idea needs to stand the test of use for a customer, to be accepted. Than putting the company and business motive ahead, one needs to put the customer first and this, in itself, is the right culture to foster. 

  1. Feedback mechanism 

Constant feedback ignites progress and growth. Feedback from customers, employees, and management, all need to sync in from different channels and need to add value to the people being given feedback to. It is important to take action on the feedback received and make constant improvements. 

Build a culture that lasts for decades and generations to come. The foundation of culture lies in the idea that people are replaceable, products are changeable but culture is constant. If a company that’s great at manufacturing can become a success in FMCG or IT, that’s more because of the culture than being of product knowledge or the funds. 

Build the right culture, build the steps for success 

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