Businessmen, Experts, Technologists, and Futurists have suggested that the next few decades will herald the fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution will be certainly driven by digitization, information and communications technology, machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence; and will shift a good part of decision-making mechanisms from humans to machines. The ability to strike the right balance between human intelligence and artificial intelligence will be key for any sustainable growth. Climate change, Pandemic, geopolitical situations, localization vs Globalisation, aging population, and disruptive technologies will alter our ways of working.

Selling is almost as old as the human race. It has some timeless challenges. Nothing dramatically new, nothing of some outstanding importance has been discovered in recent years. As a philosophy, most of what we know has been known for ages. The ensuing societal changes will have a profound impact on B2B Selling and B2C selling. All aspects of the customer acquisition process,  Account retention Key Account Management, Stakeholder Management, and the whole meaning of sales productivity will undergo a substantial change. The purpose of this blog is to envision and adapt to all the changes that can happen in the emerging future.

What do we refresh in our sales and business approach with all the sweeping changes happening around?

What do we do to retain timeless wisdom despite all the disruptive changes happening around us? 

What will be the significant changes in the ways to lead people?

What will be the changes in the ways to measure productivity and impact on the business?   

Many more questions need constant churning And let’s do that collaboratively. Sales renaissance emerges with the diversity of thoughts, discerning views, heterogenous work cultures and constantly changing landscape of business. 

I personally like to invite your enriching thoughts into this blog, looking forward 

Dinkar Rao
Sales and Business Coach | Leadership Enabler